LIFE Is About Creating Yourself

LIFE is not about finding yourself , LIFE is about creating yourself

Doing everything daily whatever you like is the thing that will bring prosperity.

George Bernard Shaw, has worked his butt and sweat daily after wake hour to be where he was.

The only thing I learned is to start doing and give up the time spend on other unnecessary things to have a quality time doing what I like daily.

Everything happens for a reason but do not let it to conquer your passion.

If you have a couple of hours daily , take 30 minutes of the time and listen to Gary Vaynerchuk Youtube video sharing.

He is not a motivational speaker but he is a do it guy. He main motto is Go Out and Do IT

Click below IMAGE and watch him move

There is NO Overnight Success

Gary Vaynerchuk says .. There is NO Overnight Success,  it boils down to the 4 letter word


Everything happens with a sweat … You have to do it!

I agree with Gary that the only pathway to SUCCESS is WORK + PERSISTENCE + PATIENCE

A dancer can never do a perfect dance immediately,  he or she needs practice and time.

John Lennon,  Michael Jackson,  Michael Jordan , Gary Vaynerchuk and more … They did not become successful overnight. They work their butt off!

What makes a person unsuccessful

  • Excuses
  • Surrounding
  • Technology
  • Attitude
  • No Patience
  • Giving Up
  • and many more

I am also following their path, .. working with persistence to reach my destination. Nothing is free in this world. You have to sweat it out.

You are born as a winner,  use talent and prosper!

Best wishes and have a great day

Success Is Working On Your Passion

John D. Rockefeller says if your GOAL is to become rich,  it will not be achieved.

In this time of technology boom,  richness can only be achieved if passion meets hard work + persistence and patience.

As Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee always  says  … you can check him in his YouTube or garyvaynerchuk. com … “Nothing can be achieved without WORK and PATIENCE!”

Therefore, richness will come through work.

You might be thinking … it always  easy to say!

I am giving myself 8 years to achieve,  it might be earlier. One tip I share to you. .. watch Gary Vaynerchuk video below now and GIVE A JAB RIGHT HOOK MAN!!!

Stop Complaining .. Start Doing!

Everyday you will come across complains and anger even hatred.

Is this the life every human created for by our Creator?

LIFE should be adventures and amazing with joy happiness and love but daily events gives a different human lifestyle.

Complaining will never get a person to a better level or position. It will create short-circuit to the mind body and soul. Over time health will be affected and family lifestyle will be shaken.

Therefore, stop complaining and start doing.  Everything happens for a reason and purpose.


Many young one’s might not have heard Joe Frazier , one of the greatest STAR in the Ring.

He is a hardworking boxer … wanted give the best for his passion and his family.

Loved his moves in the ring and love his character out of the ring too.

According Joe Frazier …

“Preaching don’t mean you are a TRUE MAN! You got to go OUT and DO!

In simple term, he is saying take action and don’t just say it … make it happen. Nowadays life is full of entertainment with technology … just leave and start loving your passion.

Gary Vaynerchuk shared in his episode #AskGaryVee 244

“Calling From The Arctic Circle and Advice That Every 22 year Old Needs to Hear”

WATCH IT NOW and You will know why Joe Frazier & Gray Vaynerchuk saying THROW YOUR GARBAGE OUT and TAKE ACTION!

A Champion Gets Up When He Fall and Moves On

Many at times situation around you will make you down and destroy your self-esteem.

Do not bother any influence around you … just do your best and keep moving.

As Jack Dempsey says

“A Champion Is Someone Who Gets Up When He Can’t”

You might be thinking it is easy to say , wait till such a situation happens to you.

I know it is not easy but with persistence and patience you can make it. Never once let your attitude to win die off!

“It’s easy to dream about it … Much harder to execute it ….Work!”

– Gary Vaynerchuk

Sometimes Life Gets Messed Up Creating Regrets

fEvery man has his own skills and weakness but seldom we have time to explore our life.

In this age of fast moving technology, man has less time to communicate rather he has more time with his mobile phone.

We eat with the phone , move around with the phone, see movies with the phone, sleep with the phone and do many things with it!

Definitely a man’s life will be messed up if it goes over board. There is a time for everything … A time to sleep, A time to eat and A time to enjoy!

Just be yourself do your best and everything will come in place.  There is only ONE LIFE , NO REGRETS!

Watch the message give by Gary Vaynerchuk … ONE LIFE , NO REGRETS!

[Taken from Gary Vaynerchuk video post on Jun 27, 2016]

Happiness Comes In Many Forms And Directions


According to Wikipedia :

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Happiness through income earned is not lasting but happiness through the heart and with family is everlasting.


Happiness is a special moment and creates an atmosphere that cannot be explained by words alone.

A mother giving birth for the first time is the greatest happiness of all time the mother. A child gets a first pass in his/her exam is a joy . Eating together and sharing a great moments of the day brings joy and happiness to the family.

So watch out through out the day for the special moment and rejoice when it is beside you!


Is Nutrition The Best Pathway To A Better Lifestyle


A better lifestyle definitely is in the minds of many but that is not easy in this era. The human mind is complicate and not easy to penetrate.

When you eat nutritional stuffs, the body enhance the cells and positive energy flows all over. The good stuffs disappears when you just fell into the anger zone.

Anger, hatred, shouting , arguing , bad thoughts and many more can toxic your mind body soul easily.

Get back to the cool guy or gal to stay healthy and happiness

The only tip to move fast is