Getting Stuck In The Negatives

Do Not Doubt

Negativity sets in when the mind is empty or invaded by negative thoughts.

Do not let your mind receive unnecessary can’t do it words from others.

Best things always happen when you distance yourself from negativity.

Our world is not full of negativity, there is positive thoughts around.

Look to God and good thoughts will come to you.

Definitely miracles will happen in your life soon!

Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck) – Alison Ledgerwood

Get Away From Negativity




Negativity can destroy a man’s lifestyle and also prosperity.

If taken lightly all the hard work done in life will vanish in a few minutes.

Never underestimate your inborn talent and gifts. You are born to prosper, not to give up.

Erase NEGATIVITY from your mind and move away from negative people!

Always remember your CREATOR is beside you .. helping you.

[Taken from Motivational Quotes]

Do You Have Any HABITS!

Good Insights

habitsHabits leads to good ways of lifestyle or not good once.

Chris Brogan wrote a post on HABITS with 7 tips. There are

  • Habits Require Systems
  • Habits Require Restarts
  • Habits Require Less Emotion and More Work
  • Habits Require Reward
  • Habits Require Completion (but Continuance)
  • Habits Require Maintenance
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Why Do You Pray

Do Not Doubt

We’ve all heard the story of the young wife who cut off both ends of the ham before cooking it.

When her husband asked her why – she didn’t know; that’s the way her mom always did it.

Sensing she was missing some valuable information she went to her mom with the question.

Answer: “I only had one pan and it was too small for the ham.” Well that leaves one a little hungry

in more ways than one.

To find out why you pray , click the image below


[Taken from : by Paul Dean]

New Year 2016

Do Not Doubt

2015 has left and 2016 has started … a new lifestyle has begun!

It’s not easy to change overnight but with persistence everything is possible.

A new resolution … A new pathway!

I have missed many of my resolution previously and not achieve it.

It is alright to miss because every miss brings along a new solution.

Therefore, I take this opportunity to thank you for inspiring me one way or the other to enhance my life.

You too can achieve your dreams! Do not doubt if it is not easy to achieve … Everything has it’s ways.

Happy New Year to you and all at home.


Inspirational Quotes To Pump Up Towards New Year


New Year is just around the corner and everyone busy trying to get stuffs that are on sale.

Most of the things gets worn-out but inspirational quotes stays in each person’s mind over time.

Click the image below to know the 10 quotes for the coming year that will enhance your lifestyle


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Look Too God!

Do Not Doubt

Many at times I look to man for answer during my younger days and failed.

Later in my life I found that looking to God is the best method to resolve anything in life.

Recently, Derrick Henry praised God and advised aspiring young athletes to keep God first while pursuing their dreams.

Read more why you should place God first by clicking the image below


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