Is Hard Work The Key To Success or Is Talent also Important

Talent without working hard is nothing – Cristiano Ronaldo
It’s easy to say you got talent …. you can prosper!
Nothing is FREE in this world, everything has value even laying down to rest.

Is hard work the key to success or is talent also important? Talent and Hard Work is needed to prosper in life. With only one you might not be able to achieve dreamed goal.

Even Cristiano Ronaldo works hard to achieve his target weekly and also other well-known personalities. All have to work hard or not they will fail.

Therefore, just work hard on your passion, definitely one day the GATES of PROSPERITY will open for you
Fight the Resistance around you and Prosper!

Every Fall Is A Learning Experience

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall ~ Nelson Mandela

It’s easy to say but in life definitely it’s tough and sometimes impossible.

Nelson has gone through a lot of hardship and many times of fall.  He woke up and became one of the greatest man.

In our daily lives there are falls such work stress,  family disagreement,  bosses pressure and many more. Overcoming it and with persistence definitely it is possible to rise and perform.

Every fall is a learning experience and lesson learned

Elephant Are Disappearing … Save Them!

Elephants might be wildlife icons, sadly, elephants are in crisis.

Save The Elephant Day is a chance to show our love and support for these much-loved giants and raise awareness of the threats to their future in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world ranging from ivory poachers and traffickers to loss of habitat.

The main disappearing happens because many ivory poachers are killing them to get the ivory and make money out of it.

It is a cruel act to kill an elephant and make a living. The money made is not good money … it is covered with blood.

It’s like killing a mother to get her hair … What will human think next!

Today being a  World Elephant Day, the occasion was founded by the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, based in Thailand, working together with Canadian film-maker Patricia Sims. The launch of this international initiative in 2012 saw the release of the documentary film ‘Return to the Forest’, narrated by Star Trek legend William Shatner.

Therefore, please help if you can save the elephants and let them a good life because every human, animal, and creatures are created for a reason and purpose.

Have a great day with joy, happiness, and love

I Lay Down My Life For My Sheep

I lay down my life for my sheep!

It’s not easy to give up life for another person or family member but the man many had doubts that he is not a prophet gave up his life on the cross.

In today’s lifestyle, not many will dare to give his life or share part of the body in order to save another.

Doubts will destroy the thought of giving or sacrifice.

Good Friday is a time to ponder on what can be done if such a situation arise. Give thanks to everything you have and cherish every moment

Everything Has Beauty, Not Everyone Sees IT

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Everyone has his talent, don’t underestimate a person.

Your talent might be hidden, dig in and cultivate to produce what you intend to do!
Therefore, starting is the best solution


It’s a failure without one of it and definitely, it goes to the drain. No one will jump over to help because everyone has their kinds of stuff to do.

Being yourself is best for a better lifestyle and never underestimate anyone.

Beauty is in you … do the work!


Success Is No Accident, It Is Hard Work


It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do!
~ Pele , Greatest soccer player of all time

I read daily success methods on how to make a great monthly income. Many even I have fallen into this pathway but only failed because of there are one or two hidden success methods that never revealed by the success person.

The only success strategy as Pele said is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do!

Just continuing doing what you like daily and persist.  Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee motto is WORK

WORK is the only method to prosperity and Thomas Edison has proved it with his invention of the light bulb. Therefore, always gives your best and never give up!

Thank You Is The Lifestyle Game Plan Towards Prosperity

Thank You has only TWO words but seldom used and shy off by many when situation arise to use it. Train the mind to use it always and see the changes.

Thank You meaning:

“a polite expression used when acknowledging a gift, service, or compliment, or accepting or refusing an offer”

Why the difficulty to use it daily when someone gives a helping hand or assist in a situation.

Gary Vaynerchuk the author says ….

The Thank You Economy is about something big, something greater than any single revolutionary platform. It isn’t some abstract concept or wacky business strategy—it’s real, and every one of us is doing business in it every day, whether we choose to recognize it or not. It’s the way we communicate, the way we buy and sell, the way businesses and consumers interact online and offline”

Every person in business or not has to accept that THANK YOU is the pathway to success in life.

It is not easy, I exhausted myself with THANK YOU and shy from it. But now I try to use it more frequent. Gary’s book shows how to do it and with real life ways.

Do Not Doubt to use thank you wherever you are and always never give up to use it!

Global Backup Day

  1. Technology has advance and many of us including me .. lol , seldom use paper and pen to write down the necessary stuffs.

But instead of writing , you and I write on a notepad or an app to remember stuffs such password, birthday’s , mom’s grocery and many more.

Therefore, data tend to disappear if you forget to backup or keep it in a safe place.

Have you backed up your data recently?

World Backup Day is set aside as a reminder to back up your files, even if it’s once a year! A backup is a reserve copy of all the files you’d be use later on.

It order to lose information and scratch your brain … Backup Now!

Read more at World Backup Day

Enjoy and have fun!

As Young As You Feel

If you are in good health, but feel restricted by how you are expected to behave, then As Young As You Feel Day is the time to rebel!

We only live this life once and As Young As You Feel Day is a good reminder to us that age is a number, and shouldn’t be used to stop us enjoying ourselves.

You can celebrate by having that outrageous hairstyle you wanted when you were a teenager or dig out those clothes you wore when you were younger – they may even fit, too. Go for a good movie and have a great dinner with friends.

If you have teenagers you can ‘get down with the kids’ and shock them for a change.

Whatever you do that makes you happy is the thing that will make you healthy too.

Therefore, eat well,  enjoy,  be happy and sleep peacefully.

Never once feel you are old,  just do whatever you can.

[Some of the above write-up was taken from Days of the Year post]

LIFE Is About Creating Yourself

LIFE is not about finding yourself , LIFE is about creating yourself

Doing everything daily whatever you like is the thing that will bring prosperity.

George Bernard Shaw, has worked his butt and sweat daily after wake hour to be where he was.

The only thing I learned is to start doing and give up the time spend on other unnecessary things to have a quality time doing what I like daily.

Everything happens for a reason but do not let it to conquer your passion.

If you have a couple of hours daily , take 30 minutes of the time and listen to Gary Vaynerchuk Youtube video sharing.

He is not a motivational speaker but he is a do it guy. He main motto is Go Out and Do IT

Click below IMAGE and watch him move